Guide to Selling

Every seller wants their home to sell quickly and for top dollar… Right?

Well, it’s not just good luck that makes that happen!

It’s expertise and well executed marketing along with knowing how to present your property, that sends buyers running for their cheque books!

Prepare your property and turn it into an irresistible and marketable commodity…

Cut the Clutter

It’s very important for the property to be CLEAN, neat, tidy and organised with only the minimum amount of furniture in each room. This makes the space appear larger, more enticing and gives the buyer the opportunity to visualise them ‘living’ there.

If necessary, pack things you won’t need for a while into boxes and store…this might be items such as books, ornaments, kids toys and so on…

Clean, Clear & Refreshed on the inside

So, once you have cut the clutter it’s time to give the property a good spruce up.

Repair and repaint walls (remember, in most cases it’s best to repaint the entire wall rather than leave it looking patchy, which can often leave it looking worse than when you started), remove dust and cobwebs, steam clean carpets and ensure wet area’s are clean and clear of any mould, mildew and grime.

Wipe out cupboards, fold things neatly; nothing looks worse than when the cupboard is messy and overflowing, it looks like there is not enough storage space! Don’t stress though, we’ve got a checklist that covers most things 🙂

First Impressions Count

Whoever said ‘you should never judge a book by it’s cover’ was so WRONG, especially when it comes to Real Estate! From the moment the buyer pulls up out the front they are judging!

Is it neat? Are the gardens tidy, lawns mowed, edges cut, groomed and look easy to maintain? Is the driveway clean, free from oil leaks? Does the letterbox clearly display the property number? All the work you have done to the interior won’t matter if you haven’t done anything to the outside to invite them in! The last thing we want is for them to keep driving and not even stop to see how much you have done on the inside?!

It’s time to ‘Let Go’, physically and emotionally

‘Saying’ and ‘doing’ are two very different things we know, but you need to semi-detach yourself from the property, physically and emotionally. You can say you will detach, but can you?

We recommend taking down the family portraits and consider replacing some with generic canvases or pictures, pop away the lovely pottery vase ‘little Johnny made you at kinder and remove the kids height chart from the kitchen doorway …Although these are all VERY special to you, sadly they have NO significance to a buyer. Start to treat the home as a ‘house’ and take out the ‘emotion’…once you’ve removed your personal effects and flicked off the emotion switch, it will be much easier to ‘let go’…TRUST us!

Although this can seem quite harsh it is a necessary process, which allows potential buyers to see the house as theirs, not yours, and that’s what we want …RIGHT?

Take the ‘STRESSURE’ (stress & pressure) out of listing your property…

STRESSURE – A client once told us we took the ‘STRESSURE’ out of the whole listing process and she had been worried for absolutely nothing!

Sometimes the thought of something can often seem worse than it actually is. You know…..the whole making a mountain out of a molehill! This certainly can be said for taking the first step to listing your home for sale… it’s NOT that way with us, when we meet with you, you’ll feel the difference right from the beginning.

Dotting your ‘i’s’ & crossing your ‘t’s’…

I love completing official documentation ….said NO ONE EVER! Well, this is not entirely true – we’ve taken the hard work out of it so it’s at least bearable for us and ‘Easy Street’ for you!

When engaging us to help sell your property we will act in your best interests, including following your lawful instructions and engaging in good Estate Agency practice. It’s not just a ‘slap dash’ process – we dot our ‘i’s’ & cross our ‘t’s’ and have very clear guidelines and procedures that we adhere to making the legislated documentation as easy as A, B, C to follow.

A Marketing Plan is like Oxygen for Selling your Property…

Can you imagine going a day without oxygen? It wouldn’t have a very good outcome…RIGHT? The same goes for trying to sell your property without a Marketing Plan! In most cases, your property is your BIGGEST asset; it just makes sense you would want to market it!

We will work with you to develop a marketing plan that BEST suits YOUR property and of course budget. A marketing plan can include numerous forms of advertising mediums with our Number #1 goal being to create a plan that attracts the attention of the RIGHT type of buyers and yields the highest possible offer on your property.

One of the most important factors to consider is how you would like to market your property In today’s multifaceted real estate environment. The one thing we do know is that marketing is a VITAL element to ALL property sales. I mean to say…you wouldn’t sell your car without advertising it, so why wouldn’t you advertise your biggest asset …your property?

Pre Settlement & Settlement Day can be like the lead up to CHRISTMAS TIME …San – ta Claus Is Com – in’ To Town. – you sang that didn’t you?

Waiting for settlement can be just as exciting as it is for a child’s ever growing anticipation for the jolly old fella in the red suit to squeeze down the chimney…

Settlement is basically when there is a transfer of monies from the buyer in exchange for the title from the seller. We work with your legal practitioner, the buyer and the lenders if necessary to ensure ALL things ‘Settlement’ are taken care of and the only thing you need to do is consider how or what you may invest in next…