Methods of Sale

Making it EASY for the buyers to BUY… that's what we do and this is how we do it!

We offer choice. We work with you to choose the RIGHT selling method for you and your property. Quite simply, when you list with us, YOU decide.


Once we have appraised your property and set a buyer enquiry price range and a date that the property is to be sold by (30 days from campaign commencement) we then plan an intensive four week promotional campaign to ensure all potential buyers are reached.

 During the campaign we will collect expressions of interest from buyers, if an offer is made we will contact all the buyers that have expressed interest to ensure more offers are made.

 Unlike an Auction, which must be unconditional (eliminating up to 30% of buyers) offers can be subject to any conditions agreed to by the vendor and purchaser. However, Set Sale™ offers a 48 hour clause, meaning if the buyer has conditions you can continue to market the property until the 30 days is up, if you want to accept another offer the original buyer is given 48 hours to make it unconditional or release it to the other buyer.

 A buyer may have only one opportunity to make their offer, so the theory is that everyone puts in their best offer first. As the seller, YOU choose the offer that most appeals to you at the end of the Set Sale period, or you can then open negotiations with the best offer, or re-list the property for another set period.


Again, after the appraisal we would set a Buyer Inquiry Range™ however, this time it is not limited to 30 days. Instead of marketing with a single fixed price or no price at all, we market the property with a Buyer Inquiry Range™ which attracts all the potential buyers including those looking below the price they will eventually pay and the dream prices you, as the vendor would ideally like.

 Instead of setting a fixed price which eliminates at least two thirds of the buyers, a range is set to attract buyers looking within that range. In other words, if you are looking in this range, you should come and look at this property and maybe you will be able to successfully negotiate for it.


When using a fixed price, it is critical to ensure that the promoted price can be supported by recent and current market activity. fixed price is basically the maximum you will get for your property. If the price is set too high, potential buyers may not communicate with us and the chance to negotiate is more than likely lost. Similarly, if the price is set too low, it is very difficult to negotiate a buyer up.

 When listing your property we will work with you to determine if Fixed Price is the RIGHT method to engage for you and your property.


The Auction method is based on an intensive promotional campaign over a specified period where we attempt to attract the attention of the largest number of the ‘target’ audience who will enter competitive bidding for your property on the day of auction – more competition means a higher price and better conditions.

 When the property is sold at auction, the buyer does not have a ‘cooling off’ period – a deposit is paid, and the seller is legally obligated to settle the full proceeds of sale on the date of settlement specified in the auction conditions.